Permaculture Women's Forum

Permaculture Women's Forum

Join our free forums, and build community with other women in permaculture who share your specific location, niche interests, and more.

Some things to know:

  • You can create your own groups, on any topics you want.
  • You are welcome to invite your friends, as long as they are women.
  • You can share any post from the central forum and/or any public group into other social media networks, and vice versa. 

All of the above means you can create your own space in our forum, write and post your own content there, and then share and promote that space on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Steemit--wherever URLs can be shared!

* Please note that the forum is a separate login, and your account there isn't automatically created when you join our course portal here. (We wish we could figure out how to integrate these, and if you know how to use API, please let us know!!)

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